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Float Tank

Clear your mind through enhanced meditation, recharge your body in a zero gravity environment, energize your mind, restore tired muscles with the power of Epsom salts.

Enjoy the most soothing and restful experience you’ll ever have.

Give your body the gift of rest this holiday season

Clear Your Mind

We all have 1,000 things pulling our attention on a daily basis. Let go for 60 minutes, and you'll be shocked with how sharp your mind will be.

Recharge Your Body

One hour of floating is equivalent to a 4 hour nap. Help your body recover from an intense workout, daily fatigue, or persistent jetlag.

Deepen Your Spirit

Total sensory deprivation allows you to find presence in the moment, and deepen your connection to the spiritual, whatever that may be.

Holiday Special Pricing: $60 Per Float (1 Hour Experience)

What's Floating?

Floating, or float therapy, is the act of floating in salt water for physical, emotional, and mental benefits. you step into a private spa “tub” of warm water to float and relax. This “tub”, or pod as we call it, is filled with 1000+ pounds of epsom salt. The buoyancy is higher than the Dead Sea, so you’re fully supported and float effortlessly. This effect is similar to the anti-gravity effect astronauts experience in space. Feel free to twist, bend, stretch, or stay still and release tension in areas that are normally compressed. The water is heated to skin temperature and feels warm at first, but eventually feels as if there is no separation between body and water.

Float Therapy

Floating may ease symptoms of…

Control Your Float Experience

People float for many different reasons, and that means there isn’t a one size fits all experience. Music and lights(both inside and outside the pod) are optional. 

  • Those who have difficulty with sensory processing find deep meditation works best with no lights or music, allowing them to be totally in the moment. 
  • Those looking for inspiration opt to listen to binaural beats to improve concentration, alertness, problem solving and memory.
  • Those looking to recharge their physical body may just want to enjoy pulsating lights and pleasant soundscapes while they float effortlessly in the healing effects of the Epsom salts.

Mental and physical benefits can be felt hours or even days after a single float. If you choose to float regularly (about 1x-2x a month or more), you may see major improvements in your mental, physical, and emotional health long term.


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Lie back, relax, and let your brain and body’s natural healing abilities soothe you. Re-train your brain to take in more self-love and less judgment. Find creative solutions. Immerse yourself in the possibilities.

Float process- Step by Step

Step 1: Use the restroom

Magnesium loosens muscles and it is likely during your float you may have to exit to use the restroom. To prevent disrupting your zen state, we recommend using the restroom before floating.

Step 2: Put earbuds in

This is to protect your ears from the high-salt concentration of the tank. We recommend wearing them before your shower, so that they stay more securely in the ears.

Step 3: Take a shower

• Use shampoo and soap ONLY. No conditioner.

• Keep the water at a cooler/lukewarm temperature, so when you enter the float pod, the water does not feel cold. The water is heated to the temperature of the surface of your skin (93-95 degrees), and hot water goes to around 100. The float pod will feel shocking and the adjustment period will be longer if you take a hot shower.

OPTIONAL Step 4: Apply Ointment

• Found on the counter near the earbuds, if you have any minor scratches or cuts. This will prevent pain (it is 1000lbs of salt, after all!)

• If your scratches or cuts are not minor, please reschedule your float for when you have healed.

Step 4: Enter the float pod!

• You can step in, kneel or sit down, and pull down on the handle to close the lid.

• On the inside of the pod, you will have two buttons: A green button, and a red button. 

• The green one controls the light. One press to turn it off and on. Holding it down for three seconds allows you to stay on one color, instead of cycling through. 

• The red button turns the music off. It does not turn the music back on, and once the music is turned off, it cannot be turned on no matter what. Be sure that you would like to turn your music off for the rest of your float if you press this button.

• The black headrest is for sore necks. This can be a pretty common experience, but trying different arm positions or using the headrest can alleviate a sore neck.

• Relax, and float!

Step 5: Take another shower

This time, you can use shampoo, soap, AND conditioner.

This time, you can use shampoo, soap, AND conditioner

• We have amenities available for use (such as combs, dry eye solution, eye contact solution, facial wipes, and a hairdryer).

• Please remember that you get 15 minutes before your float and after your float to get ready.