Brii Forte

I came into floating as a skeptic. I’m a writer, and like all writers have experienced, I had writers block on a screenplay for nearly 2 months. I wasn’t able to tap into that artistic side so I vowed I’d try anything to get it back. I booked at Best Day Fitness. The staff were extremely friendly and explained what I would be doing once inside the dreampod: one full hour of total sensory deprivation. I had no idea what to expect, as they assured me that floating is different for every person. Ten minutes in, and I understood why. At first I was still seriously stuck in my head, worried that I wouldn’t gain anything from the experience, but I decided to focus on my story and my writing. The warm water with the soft music I chose was exactly what I needed to stimulate my creativity. No incoming calls, no sudden distractions, nothing capturing my attention: just me, myself, and I. Within 30 minutes, I had storyboarded inside my head farther than I had in 2 months. The rest of my float was dedicated to restoring my confidence and confronting issues that were leaving me weakened mentally. When my session was over and I came back to reality, I felt accomplished, motivated, and more myself than I had in a long time. The lingering pressure of working two jobs eased from my back and a weight felt lifted off me. I felt relaxed, but more like after a chiropractic visit rather than a massage. I’m not saying float therapy is the end-all cure-all, but as for my earlier skepticism, float therapy benefitted me in more ways than one and I highly recommend it.

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