Hi, I’m Christopher.

My story probably isn’t much different than yours. I like to tell people I didn’t find exercise; exercise found me.

Growing up I always enjoyed playing sports. There was just something about the physicality and yet at the same time, elegance about human movement. I was mesmerized by it. And like most athletes, years of playing competitive sports like rugby took its toll on my body. It was my third year of engineering school where I witnessed firsthand the power of exercise.

Years of playing rugby had stressed my shoulder to the point that I could barely lift it over my head without excruciating pain. By sheer luck, one day, a trainer at the gym heard me complaining about it and offered me some advice. He had me perform a few movements and diagnosed my issue right on the training floor. He gave me a few exercises to do, and within a few days of performing those exercises, my shoulder pain was gone. It felt brand new.

It was that moment that changed the course of my life. I quit engineering school almost immediately and was able to get accepted into the University of Florida’s prestigious athletic training program. While studying at U of F, I was able to work with some of the most gifted athletes in the world as well as while studying under some of the top exercise science professors in the country. Working with those athletes gave me my first glimpse of the potential of the human body, and how to exercise, when done correctly, can be an amazing tool to enhance performance, improve health, and reduce injury.

After graduating, my career took a 180-degree turn. I took a job with the trainer that had fixed my shoulder. He put me in charge of his rehab clients. My very first client was a wheelchair-bound stroke patient that couldn’t even stand. Within a few months of training, he was walking a mile. Soon, I gained a reputation as the go-to trainer for stroke and TBI patients. It was with those clients that I really honed my craft and began to understand how much the brain was involved in the movement.

It was that epiphany that became the foundation of the Best Day training method. After seeing how quickly my rehab clients were getting results, sometimes in a third of the time compared to traditional rehab methods, I began using those same exercises on my normal clients interested in weight loss, performance, and general health. And like magic, they were not just getting better results compared to traditional training methods too, but they were also getting those results much quicker.

That’s how the BEST method was born – through years of research, trial and error, and testing on clients of all fitness levels. And if you ask any of our clients, they’ll tell you the same thing – If you want results, quick results, the BEST method is really the best method.