Podcast 8-12-20- Dr. Michelle Albers- Nutrition Expert

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Our go to nutritionist. Dr. Michelle Albers PhD in Nutrition from The Ohio State University. Taught at the collegiate level. Consults in clinical and private practice settings. Present seminars for continuing education credits for healthcare providers. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist licensed in Florida. Specialize in working with clients with eating disorders, wellness, HAES and intuitive eating. She sees many clients looking to optimize intake for balance and enhanced quality and quantity of life with real food solutions to life challenges. Experienced at helping clients optimize glucose management in pre-diabetes and type 2 DM, as well as those looking for meal planning for plant-based/vegetarian/flexitarian and gluten-free intakes. Experience- 30 Years. License- Florida Department of Professional Regulation Certification- Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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