Transform your space


Personal Training Area

Functional space with 4 stations designed for Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, and Therapists. Full room rental available.

Treatment Area

Open floor plan for Massage, Physical Therapy, and other Hands-On Treatment. 3 Stations, or Full Room Rental

Private Treatment Room

Great for private massage and spacious enough for private Yoga, Physical Therapy Evaluations, or just quiet meditation.

Styku 3-D Body Scan Office

Upgrade your assessment protocol by booking 15 minute sessions in the Styku Office.

Video Production Area

Rent the Vanguard- Videocentric station to access professional lighting systems and or projectors for upping your video content level.

Lobby for your Clients

Cubbies, shoe rack, filtered water station, complimentary towels, and general space for clients to chill before and after sessions.

Choose your layout

Gym Mats, Rubber Mats, Treatment tables, functional equipment rolling racks, and lots of other tools that can be moved around for a unique space for you and your clients.

Soundtracks for your sessions

We have custom music playlists for streaming motivational and positive beats for a consistently awesome energy.

Rent a Full Room for Workshops

Rates as low as $70/Hr for the entire room for classes or workshops.

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