Diets don’t work.

They’re too restrictive. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Eat at this time, not at that time. Avoid carbs. No wait, avoid fats. Try Paleo. Ok, now try the Zone Diet.

It’s confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming. But, do you know what does work?

Learning and practicing healthy eating skills. It’s really no different than learning to play golf or the piano. There are certain fundamental skills you must learn to be able to do those things, and the only way to learn those skills is with practice.

Look at anyone who has lost weight and kept it off. I bet they haven’t jumped from diet to diet. Instead, they’ve learned how to eat healthily and over time, they’ve become masters at it so it almost looks effortless.

That can be you!

Imagine having the confidence and ability to lose weight when you want, gain muscle when you need it, and increase energy by simply changing what you eat.

That’s what our nutrition program at Best Day Fitness does so you:

  • Don’t have to bounce from fad diet to diet.
  • Aren’t confused by a nutrition label and more importantly, aren’t fooled by the food manufacturers’ sleazy tactics to hide unnatural ingredients like trans fats.
  • Gain the confidence you need to make the necessary changes to optimize body composition and performance. .
  • Can decipher the latest fad diet, ignore the marketing hype, and see how it really works.

Are you ready to drop a few pants’ sizes and reignite your energy? Let’s get started!