Physical Therapy

Injuries and aging are inevitable. Unfortunately, they’re a side effect of a life full of experiences, adventure, and memories. 

However, that doesn’t mean the adventure has to stop. With the right training and rehab, you can jump right back into life without missing a beat. In fact, with our approach to rehab don’t be surprised if you feel even better than you did before your injury

The Best Day Fitness Difference

Imagine if someone wrapped a rope around your knee and began pulling it as hard as they could. Where would you feel the pain? The knee. And, that’s exactly what most practitioners would treat. 

But, what’s really causing the pain at the knee? The guy pulling the rope. 

And, that’s the difference between us and other rehab specialists. We focus on the guy that’s pulling the rope – the source of the pain. And because of that, we don’t just put a band-aid on it, causing you to spend countless months or even years doing rehab. Instead, we fix the source, not the symptom, so you spend less time in the gym and more time enjoying life. 

If you are experiencing pain, have had an injury, or just feel like you need a whole body tune-up, contact us today to get started!

"Chris and Sean came to my house to teach me how to do simple exercises that relieved my pain and got me out of bed. They helped me understand what was going on with my injuries way more than the doctors did..."
- Ryan Singleton