Soft Tissue Relief Through Somatic Massage Therapy

Try Our Somatic Massage Therapy For Pain Relief And Relaxation

Allow our massage experts to help you find relief to chronic pain through our somatic massage therapy practice. At Best Day Fitness, we provide a variety of massage techniques that can target specific areas of the body. Contact us to book your session today.

What Is Somatic Massage Therapy?

Somatic massage therapy focuses on areas with significant pain or trauma. Derived from the term "somato", which refers to the soft tissue within the body, including muscles, connective tissues, and organs, somatic massage therapists apply pressure to soft tissue areas to trigger an emotional response.  This type of massage therapy utilizes the brain-body connection and is performed for the purpose of an emotional release. 


How Can Somatic Massage Therapy Help?

Somatic therapy treatment practitioners believe that pain links with other emotional issues. For example, chronic pain and depression can be related. By treating your chronic pain through the power of somatic massage therapy, you can help alleviate the other emotional trauma response.  The body holds onto trauma and that turns into chronic pain and other muscle and soft tissue-related issues. Our certified and trained somatic massage therapists can help your body heal from this trauma and start to see more positive emotions. Neurosomatic treatment is a popular method in the massage world and we're proud to offer it to St. Pete residents.

Helps with Physical Recovery

Are you an athlete? A weekend warrior? Or just need some help with pain relief? Our somatic massage therapy can help with tension relief, muscle aches, and general soreness. You can speed up the recovery process with consistent massage therapy from the trained experts at Best Day Fitness. 

Meet Your Masseuse

Hannah Andres, LMT

Hannah specializes in Neurosomatic Massage. This is a form of manual therapy that alleviates pain and improves performance by bringing your body into more optimal alignment. Treatments begin with a posture and movement analysis to determine which muscles are chronically shortened and in need of deep tissue work and which are weak and in need of strength training. This assessment will determine the specific hands-on therapies used. Modalities most used include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, kinesiology taping, and cupping. Lastly, homework exercises and stretches will be given so you can continue to progress at home. The goal is for you to not only leave feeling better but also understand what caused your pain and what can be done to prevent it.


How to Book a Sports Massage Therapy Session

Step One: Contact Us

Contact our offices via phone, email, or online form fill to find a session that fits your schedule. 

Step Two: Tell Us About Your Injury or Target Areas

Our staff will go over your needs so we can identify which areas to target and determine how much pressure needs to be applied. We can adjust the pressure to meet your comfort, especially if you are currently nursing an injury. 

Step Three: Set Up Recurring Sports Massages to Prevent Further Injury

After your initial session, you can set up a consistent schedule of weekly massages to quicken recovery time and help prevent injuries. 

Book Your St. Pete, FL Massage Therapy Session Today!

Try out our somatic bodywork treatment today to get started on chronic pain relief. Stop by our St. Pete office or contact us to schedule your first session. 

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