Testimonial Category: Floats

Brad Congdon

Best Day Floats is the best choice for float therapy in all of Pinellas. Only Float therapy I’ve done that feels like a true spa experience. More time to shower and ease into your float. Very knowledgable staff. Tanks are a little more humid at this location which leads to a much more immersive float […]

Brii Forte

I came into floating as a skeptic. I’m a writer, and like all writers have experienced, I had writers block on a screenplay for nearly 2 months. I wasn’t able to tap into that artistic side so I vowed I’d try anything to get it back. I booked at Best Day Fitness. The staff were […]

Carly Mertz

After my float I felt like I had just gotten back from an amazing vacation. The experience during was meditative, weightless, and serene. All concept of time is lost – so amazing. I chose to have light music playing and started with the lights on and pod open, but shut both of those down once […]

Ali Donovan Salo

I was a little skeptical about floating in a pod for an hour. How can this be helpful? Don’t you know I’m busy? I can’t check my phone every few minutes? I have to get wet? (I hate getting wet because I hate getting cold). Best Day Floats was exactly what I needed. The shower […]

Grace Ricalde

I went into my second float to relax and get some relief from the discomfort I’d been experiencing for months due to meniscus tears on both sides of my left knee. Well its been 8 days without even the slightest pain! Chris was absolutely a charm, the facility very clean and inviting. Several personal training […]

James Doherty

Amazing! Christopher is one of the most welcoming people I have EVER met! His positivity is contagious and you feel nothing but joy as soon as you walk in. I did a float today and was nervous, being 6′ 5″, but I fit and had a lot of extra room. It was a euphoric experience […]

Barbara Ward

My trainer, Brittany, has been wonderful in training me after an illness. The training methods, atmosphere, equipment, pleasant knowledgeable trainers are way above the average. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn and am getting stronger and more resilient. Plus it’s fun. Floating has also been a major healing experience and a relaxing treat. […]

Jeffrey Navarre

I finally got around to visiting Best Day Floats. I loved it. I purchased the 4 floats a month package and cannot wait to start to float every week. This is the nicest and most friendly places I have ever floated. If you haven’t experienced floating you have to try it. I want to thank […]

Matt Mathis

I decided to give floating my first try after I woke up feeling run down, sore, and achy. The Best Day Floats website is very informative and the staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. Once I got in the tank it took a few minutes to fully relax my body but once I did things got […]