Ali Donovan Salo

I was a little skeptical about floating in a pod for an hour. How can this be helpful? Don’t you know I’m busy? I can’t check my phone every few minutes? I have to get wet? (I hate getting wet because I hate getting cold).

Best Day Floats was exactly what I needed. The shower was warm, the water was perfect temp and the music was so relaxing I actually dosed for a few minutes. The hour flew by. I was so focused and calm when I left. I tackled an expense report that normally takes hours in under an hour. I’m a fan! And I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight!Chris was absolutely a charm, the facility very clean and inviting. Several personal training sessions going on while there, observed them to be very caring & knowledgeable, their clients varied in age from young to more mature. Everyone made you feel comfortable and welcomed. Thank you for a great experience! <3 <3

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