Dr. Brett Levine

I am a physician and was invited to try out this thing called floating. Up to that time my knowledge of floating was centered around season one of “Stranger Things”. I wanted to get more than a self centered sample size of the experience so I brought my wife. Long story short, we absolutely loved the experience and I will recommend it to all my patients. As a doctor at LevMed Health I try to preach the importance of meditation and creating a buffer between us and life stressors, however personally this is difficult for me to achieve with all the distraction that my mind gets caught up in. I would describe floating as a cheat code to meditation where the lack of data your brain brings in, in this setting, creates an optimal state to truly relax your mind and your body. Leaving the floating tank we were pleasantly overwhelmed by a feeling of relaxation where life stressors were put in perspective. People pay hundreds at a spa to feel the way we felt leaving the floating tank.

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