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Best Day Floats is the best choice for float therapy in all of Pinellas. Only Float therapy I’ve done that feels like a true spa experience. More time to shower and ease into your float. Very knowledgable staff. Tanks are a little more humid at this location which leads to a much more immersive float experience. Doesn’t get better than this!!!

Brad Congdon

I came into floating as a skeptic. I’m a writer, and like all writers have experienced, I had writers block on a screenplay for nearly 2 months. I wasn’t able to tap into that artistic side so I vowed I’d try anything to get it back. I booked at Best Day Fitness. The staff were extremely friendly and explained what I would be doing once inside the dreampod: one full hour of total sensory deprivation. I had no idea what to expect, as they assured me that floating is different for every person. Ten minutes in, and I understood why. At first I was still seriously stuck in my head, worried that I wouldn’t gain anything from the experience, but I decided to focus on my story and my writing. The warm water with the soft music I chose was exactly what I needed to stimulate my creativity. No incoming calls, no sudden distractions, nothing capturing my attention: just me, myself, and I. Within 30 minutes, I had storyboarded inside my head farther than I had in 2 months. The rest of my float was dedicated to restoring my confidence and confronting issues that were leaving me weakened mentally. When my session was over and I came back to reality, I felt accomplished, motivated, and more myself than I had in a long time. The lingering pressure of working two jobs eased from my back and a weight felt lifted off me. I felt relaxed, but more like after a chiropractic visit rather than a massage. I’m not saying float therapy is the end-all cure-all, but as for my earlier skepticism, float therapy benefitted me in more ways than one and I highly recommend it.

Brii Forte

After my float I felt like I had just gotten back from an amazing vacation. The experience during was meditative, weightless, and serene. All concept of time is lost – so amazing. I chose to have light music playing and started with the lights on and pod open, but shut both of those down once I settled. Every muscle in your body feels supported, enabling you to completely let go. I’ll definitely be doing this again 🙏🏼✨

Carly Mertz

I was a little skeptical about floating in a pod for an hour. How can this be helpful? Don’t you know I’m busy? I can’t check my phone every few minutes? I have to get wet? (I hate getting wet because I hate getting cold).

Best Day Floats was exactly what I needed. The shower was warm, the water was perfect temp and the music was so relaxing I actually dosed for a few minutes. The hour flew by. I was so focused and calm when I left. I tackled an expense report that normally takes hours in under an hour. I’m a fan! And I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight!Chris was absolutely a charm, the facility very clean and inviting. Several personal training sessions going on while there, observed them to be very caring & knowledgeable, their clients varied in age from young to more mature. Everyone made you feel comfortable and welcomed. Thank you for a great experience! <3 <3

Ali Donovan Salo

I went into my second float to relax and get some relief from the discomfort I’d been experiencing for months due to meniscus tears on both sides of my left knee. Well its been 8 days without even the slightest pain!
Chris was absolutely a charm, the facility very clean and inviting. Several personal training sessions going on while there, observed them to be very caring & knowledgeable, their clients varied in age from young to more mature. Everyone made you feel comfortable and welcomed. Thank you for a great experience! <3 <3

Grace Ricalde

I walked into Best Day and was immediately welcomed by every staff member and even some of the clients! Chris was highly recommended to me to help with my chronic neck issues. He did not disappoint! He was a wealth of knowledge and I left armed with tools that will help me take control of my chronic pain. He was extremely patient and answered all my questions. He even addressed a new foot pain I was having. I highly recommend Best Day and I can’t wait to try the Float Therapy. Chris and Patty are reason enough to go but you’ll also find a welcoming and incredible place!

Jennifer Sinphay

Amazing! Christopher is one of the most welcoming people I have EVER met! His positivity is contagious and you feel nothing but joy as soon as you walk in. I did a float today and was nervous, being 6′ 5″, but I fit and had a lot of extra room. It was a euphoric experience and I will DEFINITELY be back!

Chris and Patty are reason enough to go but you’ll also find a welcoming and incredible place!

James Doherty

My trainer, Brittany, has been wonderful in training me after an illness. The training methods, atmosphere, equipment, pleasant knowledgeable trainers are way above the average. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn and am getting stronger and more resilient. Plus it’s fun. Floating has also been a major healing experience and a relaxing treat. I’ve been delighted, and when I see the faces of clients around me change and get stronger and happier and more confident, it feels great!

Barbara Ward

I have physical challenges that make working out and daily life difficult for me and my family. Chris and everyone on staff are very knowledgeable about the body and have tailored workouts for me and have helped me be much healthier and have improved my mechanics not only in the studio but also in my daily life. I have been going to Best Day Fitness & Floats for years and have seen this knowledge work for many others also. Everyone at Best Day makes exercise enjoyable for everyone and because of this you become healthier.

Bob Xan

I finally got around to visiting Best Day Floats. I loved it. I purchased the 4 floats a month package and cannot wait to start to float every week. This is the nicest and most friendly places I have ever floated. If you haven’t experienced floating you have to try it. I want to thank the staff for the friendliness and welcoming attitude.

Jeffrey Navarre

Absolutely love all the Trainers there. My balance and strength issues have greatly improved. Their knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis effects on the brain and body is refreshing and gives me the confidence to recommend them to others with like issues. Thanks guys.

Tracey Stahoski Erickson

I’ve worked out with many trainers in my time. Best Day Fitness Studio by far has the most knowledgeable, kind and compassionate trainers! I’ve never been taught the proper form and techniques until I started there. I 100% recommended them!!

Christy Wolf

The best Zen den ever! The float was every bit of peace like I’ve never known. What a great birthday gift!

Carol Stevenson

I decided to give floating my first try after I woke up feeling run down, sore, and achy. The Best Day Floats website is very informative and the staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. Once I got in the tank it took a few minutes to fully relax my body but once I did things got interesting. I have a short attention span and I’m not one to meditate but I was fine for the whole hour and my mind seemed to go into an analysis of my body. I had several moments of unique sensations of where I was in space which was a really interesting. When I got out of the tank I felt relaxed and the aches in my fingers were gone and the trigger points around my shoulder blades no longer felt so bound up and tight. Overall it was a great experience and I will do it again. I recommend it for anyone looking for an improvement in body and mind.

Matt Mathis

This place helped me to learn to love to exercise. Best Day gently guided me by meeting me at my level and adjusting intensity as needed. You guys are the best.

Rania Shaya Meade

What a gem of a retreat this place can offer! Very clean and chill and nicely decorated. You might walk in off the street feeling fried, but you’re guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed after a float in their dream pod. I’m a pregnant nurse and the couple times I’ve floated here I’ve had no back pain after and the best sleep of my life for a few days. Thanks Best Day Floats for bringing this experience to St. Pete!

Angelina Rugghia

I am a physician and was invited to try out this thing called floating. Up to that time my knowledge of floating was centered around season one of “Stranger Things”. I wanted to get more than a self centered sample size of the experience so I brought my wife. Long story short, we absolutely loved the experience and I will recommend it to all my patients. As a doctor at LevMed Health I try to preach the importance of meditation and creating a buffer between us and life stressors, however personally this is difficult for me to achieve with all the distraction that my mind gets caught up in. I would describe floating as a cheat code to meditation where the lack of data your brain brings in, in this setting, creates an optimal state to truly relax your mind and your body. Leaving the floating tank we were pleasantly overwhelmed by a feeling of relaxation where life stressors were put in perspective. People pay hundreds at a spa to feel the way we felt leaving the floating tank.

Dr. Brett Levine

So much GREAT to say about Best Day Fitness (and Best Day Float). First… Christopher (the owner) is brilliant and knows his stuff. He understands the body (and the mind) and how to put it in a peak state for optimal health and fitness. His gym is immaculate…. clean, welcoming and everything is in excellent condition. You feel different (in a good way) just walking in. His staff is fantastic and super helpful. I floated in the float tank yesterday, which was the first time I’ve ever done that… ever. THAT was a superb experience. Very, very, very cool! My session was an hour. The quieting of my mind and the meditation was the best ever. Then I fell asleep… floating… pseudo suspended & weightless in the water…. When I woke I felt like I’d slept a full night. Most importantly, my ever present shoulder discomfort, which I’ve had for months as a result of an auto accident, was totally gone while floating and long after I got out. It’s been almost 24 hours, and I’m still feeling so good! I can’t wait to go back. Thanks Best Day Fitness!

Christopher Hughes

I suffered foot and hip injuries at the beginning of this year that rendered me on bed rest for weeks. My chronic lower back pain was exacerbated in the process so I was pretty miserable. Chris and Sean came to my house to teach me how to do simple exercises that relieved my pain and got me out of bed. They helped me understand what was going on with my injuries way more than the doctors did. They identified factors that may have contributed to my injuries and provided suggestions on how I could correct them. They pushed me to do more than I thought was possible in such a safe and controlled manner. Before I knew it I was back on my feet again. And as a bonus, all the therapy got my back in shape so now it feels better than ever! Thank you so much Chris, Sean, and everyone at Best Day Fitness. I love the camaraderie you have with each other and your clients. Thank you for creating such a positive and welcoming environment!

Ryan Singleton

I have SCA (Spinocerebellar ataxia) and prior to floating a few times had not been able to talk with my best friend who lives in Oregon for over 3 years due to my inability to talk very well or having much energy after 5-6 pm to do so before floating, now I can. Also this past weekend I went out to a show and a late dinner and again this is something I have not been able to do in a few years. When I was younger I ran my own business and my mind was always busy, I wish I knew about floating then. I felt positive changes the first time but I really felt them after doing it a couple times. I think we all need to do it at least 3 times quickly (maybe over 10-15 days) and then maybe every couple weeks. I am planning on about 2 weeks, but we are all different. However you do it, just do it! Again WOW!

Ron Zepp

Gemma Fountain is the best trainer I have ever worked with. As a recent breast cancer survivor, I didn’t know where to begin about getting fit and strong again. She has helped me make incredible progress by breaking the process down into manageable but highly effective steps. She is compassionate, relatable and highly knowledgeable and I am grateful to be her client.

Samantha Chechele

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