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Do you want to be the best at your sport, get on the ground to play with your kids, or correct your posture to reduce back pain?
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Our Virtual Best Day Experience was designed to help anyone in any stage of life that wants to build strength, increase mobility, or improve their posture. Each BEST method workout consists of 3 30 minute video workouts that progress in intensity as you advance through the three week course. 

BEST method Strength

Designed for those looking to increase strength, our BEST method strength workouts ……..

best method mobility

Perfect for those who may be having difficulty moving around, or have chronically tight muscles….

best method posture

Sitting is the new smoking. With many of us sitting slumped over desks all day, our posture suffers. This workouts….

But that’s not all… You’ll also get a 30 day healthy eating meal plan.

Semi-Private Personal Training


Developed by Dr. Albers in partnership with Mt. Sinai, this 30 day healthy eating meal plan is the perfect complement to your new BEST method workout regimens. 

✓   Easy to read recipes with measurements

✓  Clinically backed meal plan

✓  Delicious, healthy recipes

✓  Takes the stress out of meal planning by providing pre-selected meals for each day

✓  Customizable to fit your needs